Join Sostenuto by making a recurring gift!

Annual tuition for Sisters’ Voices funds about half of our budget, and the balance must be raised through grants and donations. Sustainable funding that we can count on from one year to the next is key because it allows us freedom to plan and pursue bigger programmatic endeavors that require our energy and creativity and will ultimately lead to Sisters’ Voices goal of increased diversity, capacity and growth.

We’re calling our recurring gift program “Sostenuto” – which is Italian for sustained – and is a musical direction given to performers to play (or sing) smoothly.

Join by January 31, 2016 and become an inaugural member of Sostenuto. By making a monthly gift to Sisters’ Voices, members of Sostenuto will help us build the foundation of support that is needed to achieve our growth goals. We hope you’ll decide to become an inaugural member of Sostenuto, and help Sisters’ Voices to “sing smoothly” for years to come.

Go to our donation page, click on “Donate” and when prompted click the recurring gift box.